[nylug-talk] collaberation platform for the charter

Chris Knadle Chris.Knadle at coredump.us
Thu Dec 8 15:31:29 EST 2011

On Thursday, December 08, 2011 03:02:44 PM, Ira Hyman wrote:
> 		What are the present choices right now ?
> I know of Celtx for collaborating on a script and that is free, private and
> open source. Also as sections of it come together it should be posted for
> comments / improvements, there may be thing we could leave out and not
> even realise it !

From the meeting minutes:

   * Motion: Sumana is in charge of the tech search.

   All in favor.  Passed.  [PN: my understanding is this means that
   Sumana will be tasked with ensuring that technologies are presented,
   and that the technology selected will be properly configured and made
   available to at least everyone in the room who expects to participate 

So please contact Sumana in relation to this, as she's heading that up.  I 
have two business cards of hers, but don't feel it fair to publish her email 
addresses openly.  However I think publishing her website would be okay, and 
she's got contact information there:


  -- Chris

Chris Knadle
Chris.Knadle at coredump.us

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