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# JobID: #312
# Submitted On: 2005-06-25 20:45:07

# Company: Overlook Capital
# Contact: Bryan Mazlish,  
# Email:  bryan at overlookcptl.com
# Url: http://
# Fax: Not Specified

# Reference No: Small contract job

# Title: Linux Consultant

# Salary: Negotiable

# Description: New hedge fund seeks short-term assistance with configuring and optimizing a RAID array and optimizing Linux LVM to maximize storage throughput.

The system consists of two HP MSA20 storage enclosures connected to HP’s DL385 server via an HP 6404 PCI Raid Controller.

Required Expertise:
• LVM and XFS
• Detailed knowledge of the kernel and its interaction with the file system

We seek a responsible individual with excellent communications skills who can explain and benchmark the various configuration options, their effect on one another and the resulting performance trade-offs.

Please forward you resume, references and rates to bryan at overlookcptl.com

Work needs to begin promptly

# Required Skills: Candidate should be an expert in RAID and Linux LVM.

# Location:

    New York City, NY
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