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    * JobID: #310
    * Submitted On: 2005-06-22 10:37:27

    * Company: Confidential
    * Contact: Brian Pedersen,
    * Email:  bpedersen at cti-group.com
    * Url: http://
    * Phone: Not Specified
    * Fax: Not Specified

    * Title: Linux Security Consultant

    * Salary: Current Market Value

    * Description:

      We are seeking somebody for a short term (at least 2 month)
consulting position helping us define and set up our Linux environment
in a secure fashion. We will be using x86/Linux as a development host
for deployment on an ARM and PQ2/Linux embedded platform. The goal for
this contractor will be to create a hardened version of a Debian Linux
distro that can be deployed in secure environments.

    * Required Skills:

      Required Skills/Experience:
          o Accomplished Linux System Administrator. Ideally Debian
          o Proven track record maintaining and configuring Linux
          o Experience in hardening Linux servers ideally for the
financial markets
          o Tools knowledge for creating and distributing Linux images
          o Distribution of software updates to Linux Server
          o Strong verbal and written communication – should leave
behind a document explaining exactly how the Linux image has been

      Desired Skills/Experience:
          o ClearCase
          o SNMP configuration knowledge
          o Knowledge of network security (securing communication

    * Location:

          Fairfield, CT

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