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Subject: [nylug-talk] [nylxs-announce] GNOME Developes Summit Scheduled for
    November 22-24, 2003

NYLXS is proud to announce that it is hosting, with the GNOME Foundation,
the 2003 Gnome Developers Summit at Brooklyn College CUNY.

This exciting event will take place from November 22-24 and will include
the NYLXS Benifit Dinner on Saturaday Night at the Brooklyn College Student Union
Executive lounge.

Speakers will include Richard Stallman, and introduction services will be lead by
prominant members of the GNOME Foundation on Saturday Morning at 9AM.

The Student Union Penthouse, one of the secret jewels of New York City, and 
Whitehead Library at being used for developers sessios.

Volunteers are needed now to complete this important work!

NYLXS - We are Do'ers!

New Yorker Free Software Scene
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