[nylug-announce] LinuxWorld show Volunteer Info - Everything You Need To Know!

Jim Gleason jgleason at nylug.org
Mon Jan 20 18:23:24 EST 2003


The New York Linux Users Group - www.nylug.org

Get Involved! Be a Part of the Linux Community!

Help us set up on Tues, Jan 21st and/or staff the booth this week 
(Wed, 1/22 - Fri, 1/25) at LinuxWorld Expo.

Volunteers can sign up here:

On Wed, Thurs, and Fri volunteers will meet and greet LinuxWorld attendees 
and direct people to subscribe online to the nylug-talk mailing list. In 
addition, volunteers will distribute the NYLUG.org flyer that describes 
when we meet and what we do.

We will also distribute the flyer and review the key points below about 
NYLUG, so all the volunteers can confidently answer attendee questions 
during the show.

When Is The Volunteer Rendez-Vous?

Everyone will meet up Tuesday, January 22nd between 4:30pm-5pm
at the Statue of Jacob Javits (inside) in the south section of Javits 
on the ground level. You shouldn't need a badge to meet up. We will 
get everyone a badge in order to walk onto the show floor and set up 
the booth.

We will be setting up the LinuxWorld booth, the server and taking 1st 
crack at the swag including Prentice Hall books (from the new Open Source 
Series) as well as vintage Linux t-shirts. Anyone who doesn't have a badge 
will also receive a show coupon which enables free registration to the exhibits 
for the week. 

Where is the Rendez-Vous on Tuesday?

Jacob Javits Convention Center
35th Street & 11th Avenue
Meet at the Statue of Jacob Javits (inside) in the south section of Javits 
on the ground level.

If I can't make the Volunteer Rendez-Vous on Tuesday, Can I still help out?

Yes! Be sure to sign up with the form here:

And come by the NYLUG booth located in the dot org pavillion to help us greet 
attendees. Expect to answer the below questions... 

When does NYLUG.org Meet?

With the generous support of IBM, all NYLUG.org speaker presentations
are held regularly at the IBM headquarters building located at 590 Madison
Ave. on the corner of 57th Street in mid-town Manhattan. Meetings take place
every third Wednesday of the month starting at 6:30pm. All meetings are free
and open to the public.

What does NYLUG.org do?

NYLUG.org is the New York's Linux Users Group supporting all things
Linux and Open Source in the greater New York area. Members are Linux
enthusiasts who come to the meetings and installfests, subscribe to the
mailing lists, and/or participate in keysignings and other NYLUG events.
Membership is free and open to the public.
* We hold Regular Meetings
* We solve technical problems via nylug-talk mailing list
* We hold GPG Key Signings
* We demonstrate For Freedom of Speech
* We connect to other user groups
* We announce community events and job postings

How does one subscribe to the mailing list?
Note - we will have this webpage up on the computer in the booth and need 
to get as many attendees subscribed as possible.

What is Linux?

It is an operating system which is based on UNIX. Specifically,
Linux is an independent POSIX implementation of the UNIX operating
system and licensed under the terms of the General Public license.
It includes true multitasking, true multiuser capabilities, virtual
memory, shared libraries, demand loading, proper memory management,
TCP/IP networking, copy-on-write exectables, and other features
consistent with Unix-type systems... For more information, take a
look at the Linux FAQ:

Thanks everyone. See you at the show!

- Jim Gleason

IBM Linux Cluster Sales, Wall Street
President, New York Linux Users Group
phone: 347-200-6460
email: jim at nylug.org, jgleason at us.ibm.com

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