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                         JANUARY 2003 JOINT MEETING

                           THE FREEDOM TO TINKER
                    Edward Felten, Princeton University

"Freedom to Tinker" is the freedom to understand, repair, and improve the
technological devices you own.  This freedom, which has been eroded by
recent changes in markets and the law, is the organizing principle behind
an increasing political and legal awareness among technologists.  In this
talk Professor Felten will outline the ideas behind the freedom to tinker
movement, using examples drawn from the current battles over copy

Edward Felten is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Director
of the Secure Internet Programming Laboratory at Princeton University.
In 2000, Felten and a team of researchers successfully completed a
challenge from the music industry to break their new digital watermark
technology.  Professor Felten then challenged the constitutionality of
provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that would prevent
him from publishing his research.

Most recently Professor Felten has been researching security and privacy
related technologies, including studying the effects of proposed copy-
protection technologies.

For additional information see Prof. Felten's website:

Date:     Thursday, January 16, 2003
          Refreshments 7:30 PM, Meeting 8:00 PM

Location: Auditorium, Sarnoff Corporation, 201 Washington Road,
          (Rt 571, 1/4 mile south of US 1) Princeton, NJ

Info:     Dennis Mancl (908) 582-7086 or Jim Matey (609) 734-2868

URL:      http://www.acm.org/chapters/princetonacm

E-Mail:   mailto:princetonacm at acm.org

A pre-meeting dinner with the speaker is held at 6 p.m. at the Rusty
Scupper on Alexander Road in Princeton.  If you would like to attend,
please RSVP with an e-mail to mailto:princetonacm at acm.org

Princeton ACM / IEEE Computer Society meeting are open to the public.
Students and their parents are welcome.  There is no admission charge,
and refreshments are served.

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