[nylug-announce] LinuxWorld volunteers unite! Chat on the nylug-talk list at 4:15pm today

Jim Gleason jgleason at nylug.org
Fri Jan 10 15:30:25 EST 2003

If you are thinking about attending Linux World Expo at the 
Javits Center on Jan 22nd...


... if don't just want to attend, but BE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE 
TABLES... and be an exhibitor; you can!

Sign-up to volunteer now:

NYLUG.org is staffing its annual LWCE booth in the .Org pavillion with 
volunteers who can:

	* Help us set up before the show starts.
	* Join us in the booth part-time during the week to meet 
	  and greet attendees.
	* Join us at the special "Fair Use Victory" stammtisch 
	* Maybe even get a free Linux t-shirt.

If you have been thinking about getting involved, this is the time. We are 
going to figure out the details in aproximately 45 minutes on the 
nylug-talk mailing list. 

If you are not already subscribed, you can quickly do so with the form 
here: http://herzl.nylug.org/mailman/listinfo/nylug-talk

Talk to you in a bit... I'm updating the site as we speak.

- Jim Gleason

President, New York Linux Users Group
IBM Linux Cluster Sales, Wall Street
phone: 347-200-6460
email: jim at nylug.org, jgleason at us.ibm.com

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