[nylug-announce] TOMORROW! NY Linux Users Grp. Apr meeting 4/16 Scalability & Manageability of Linux Enterprise & Datacenter solutions

John Bacalle rguerin at nylug.org
Tue Apr 15 09:45:00 EDT 2003

                     The New York Linux Users Group presents

                          Nish Deodhar of Candle Corp.
         Enterprise and Datacenter Solutions, Scalability and Manageability

April 16, 2003
IBM Headquarters Building
590 Madison Avenue at 57th Street
9th Floor, home to the IBM Linux Center of Competency

** RSVP Instructions**                    
    Unless you have already rsvp'ed for a prior meeting, everyone
    should RSVP to attend. http://rsvp.nylug.org
    Check in with photo ID at the lobby for badge and room number.

Scalability and Manageability:

    In this April 16 meeting, Nish Deodhar will dispel truth from falsehood
    in examining what can be done today in the enterprise with the open,
    free, gratis too operating system, Linux. Nish will examine Linux'
    current limitations and future directions (especially in the Linux
    kernel threading area) and explore what other approaches (clustering
    [harnessing uni-processing]; virtual machine exploitation [e.g.,
    simultaneous instances of Linux]; symmetric multi-processing [SMP]) can
    be used to create a Linux-based datacenter that scales well. Options in
    the enterprise market that are sorely needed and rightly welcomed.

    Linux can arguably claim the crown for running on the widest range of
    hardware of any operating system (OS), although you might want to note
    NetBSD in this respect. Linux also runs on a multitude of processors,
    platforms across the computing spectrum. From the lowliest embedded
    processor device, to the largest supercomputers and multi-processor

    Thus, Linux can encompass consumer devices, PCs, PC-based servers,
    non-PC servers, as well as mainframes, in sum, systems across myriad
    architectures. Why, even the Microsoft Xbox game console can run Linux
    -- recycling is good. Yet, scalability is regarded by some as the Linux
    Achilles Heel, the barrier to truly scaleable enterprise performance.

    To address this bounty of much, Linux on heterogeneous enterprise
    hardware, as well as to tie disparate Linux architectures, set-ups into
    a simpler, supported, efficient solution the hard working folks at
    Candle Corporation developed Omegamon XE. Nish will also discuss how
    Candle Omegamon XE tackles and solves the problems enterprises face.

    If you are interested in meeting the issues of stability, 
    administrability, reliability, scalability in the enterprise, or just
    wish to keep abreast of the available solutions in this respect for your
    edification and future use you will be interested in this 16 April
    meeting. See you there, on the first row. 

For More Information Visit:
    Candle Corp. Omegamon Performance and Availability Monitors 
    Omegamon XE for Linux 

About Nish Deodhar:
    * Masters in Computer Engineering from the University of Southern
    * Worked on a research paper (unpublished, USC internal) titled
      ``Porting TCP Vegas to Linux'' in 1995 -- ``So have worked with Linux
      on and off for a while. :)'' 
    * Currently Product Manager for Candle's Distributed Systems products.
      Involved in setting strategic product directions. 
    * Most recently developed the OMEGAMON XE for Linux solution. A Linux OS
      performance and availability monitoring agent. 
    * Worked on Tuxedo, Lotus Notes, PeopleSoft, primarily from a
      performance monitoring aspect. 
    * Additionally, like dabbling with C++, Design Patterns, STL, etc. Prior
      to Candle employment developed 8051 based firmware. 

Free Stuff!
    Swag of undetermined value and quantity may be distributed on a
    first-come, first-served basis. Arrive early for the best selection

    Immediately after the presentation and continuing at Houlihans,
    we will be gathering for a keysigning. So for those who have keys 
    already, please remember to bring hard-copy printouts of your
    40-character key fingerprint. If you haven't created a key yet,
    our howto docs are posted here: http://www.nylug.org/keys

    And then after the meeting... Join us around 8:15pm or so at
    Houlihans, 677 Lexington and 56th, upstairs back room

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April 2003 - The New York Linux Users Group, NYLUG.org

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