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> On Fri, 11 Apr 2003, Walter Perry wperry at xml-sig.org
> wrote:
> Greetings to you all. My apologies for the hiatus last month.
> The next meeting of the XML Special Interest Group will be 
> Tuesday, 22 April, 7-9 p.m., hosted by Goldman Sachs at 
> 180 Maiden Lane, Room 30C1.
> PLEASE NOTE THE LOCATION: this is NOT our usual location at 
> 125 Broad Street.
> Our speaker will be Simon St.Laurent on the XML used in Microsoft 
> Office 2003. This will be Simon's fourth presentation to our SIG 
> in five years.  As an author, and now as an O'Reilly editor, 
> Simon has been one of the most acute and insightful observers of XML. 
> I am delighted that we can have him once again at our SIG. 
> About this presentation, Simon writes:
> Microsoft Office 2003 will include enormous new XML functionality,
> especially in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, as well as a new
> (though limited-distribution) application, InfoPath.  This talk will
> take a close look at what's included and not included in this set of
> tools, as well has how developers can integrate them with their own
> systems.  Like many first releases of new functionality, there are
> plenty of bumps, but this particular release promises to expose vast 
> new collections of information to XML developers.
> This presentation will keep slides to a minimum and concentrate 
> on demonstrations and document walk-throughs.
> Simon St.Laurent is an Editor at O'Reilly & Associates, focusing 
> on XML and Web-related topics.  Prior to that, he wrote a variety 
> of computer books, including XML: A Primer, Programming Web Services 
> with XML-RPC, and XML Elements of Style.
> To reserve a place at this meeting, or to subscribe to our email 
> list for announcement of future meetings, please send a request by 
> email direct to me mailto:wperry at xml-sig.org. You will receive a 
> confirmation by return email. Security requires that those attending 
> this meeting be registered at least a day in advance so that their 
> names are available to check against attendance at the door. 
> Please register before Monday, 21 April, to insure that you will 
> be admitted.
> Walter Perry
> XML SIG Leader
> mailto:wperry at xml-sig.org

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