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    to Defend the Private and Tribal and Public Net against the Englobulators


Last notice was sent by mistake.

This one is right.


This weekend on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, there will be a
conference on the past, present, and continuing assaults against our
Ancient Rights: our right to own computers, our right to freely publish our
works, our right to freely assemble upon the Great Commons of the Net, our
right to privately communicate over the Fast Pipes of the Net, our right to
freely make and modify and distribute operating systems and all manner of
software and hardware.

This conference is open to the public, and there is a small money price to


I, Jay Sulzberger, will be on one of the panels on Saturday 28 September


The name of this conference is "Discuss and Deploy".  We will talk, and we
will eat, and we will drink together.  And, in the coming weeks and months,
we will act.


For particulars see official notice below.

Jay Sulzberger <secretary at lxny.org>
Corresponding Secretary LXNY
LXNY is New York's Free Computing Organization.

  from="official ABC No Rio announcement"

ABC No Rio Announces
	Discuss & Deploy
	Our Unorganicized Reading
	Vox Contrarium
	IN MEMORIAM: Peter Kowald

Discuss & Deploy:
A Convergence of Media and Technology Activists
September 27 -- September 29


ABC No Rio, Autonomedia, FREE.THE.MEDIA!, InterActivist Network, Openflows
Networks Ltd and TAO invite you to attend a conference addressing issues
related to media autonomy and self-determination.

Discuss & Deploy will explore the convergence of technology, activism and
culture, examining what this digital convergence means in terms of public
access and the rights of noncommercial networks to exist in the
corporate-owned digital world.

The conference will include panel presentations, workshops, and
conversations/dialogues on topics including open source software, models of
autonomous networks, security culture and more.

Registration is $10--$30 US (sliding scale). Registered conference
attendees receive complimentary breakfast Saturday and Sunday mornings;
free admission to the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Saturday evening; and $1
off all beer and drinks at the Lotus Club.

All panels, discussions and workshops will take place in locations on the
Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York. All venues are within walking
distance of each other.

For Registration and Schedule information:

EVERY Sunday at 3:00pm
Our Unorganicized Reading
--an open poetry reading--
No Features. No Sign-up. No Time Limit. No Bullshit.

SUNDAY OCTOBER 6 at 8:00pm
COMA -- $3
Gunda Gottschalk (Germany) - solo violin
Followed by solos/duets/ensemble

Gunda Gottschalk is touring the US and documenting her experiences on film
... stop by ... join in...
electric-acoustic-free jazz-free form

-celebrating voices of dissent-
Thru October 17

Featuring work by:
Tahira Faune Alford, Simona Aru, Fred Askew, Max Blechman, Chris Cardinale,
Nick Cooper, Amalia Cordova, Brad Farwell, Fly, Diane Greene-Lent, Peter
Holderness, Ryan Inzana, Steffie Kinglake, Peter Kuper, Mac Mcgill, Lina
Pallotta, Kevin Pyle, Nicole Schulman, Seth Tobocman, Jordan Worley

VIEWING HOURS: Sundays 1:00 -- 3:00pm
Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:00 -- 7:00pm

We're saddened to report that Bassist Peter Kowald (Wuppertal, Germany)
passed away on Saturday September 21.

Peter and his "Open Orchestra" recently performed at ABC No Rio on
September 8, and Peter appeared as a guest performer with Jeff Arnal, Dom
Minasi and Blaise Siwula at a special Meet the Composer concert at ABC No
Rio on September 18.

There will be a Memorial for Peter Kowald on TUESDAY OCTOBER 1 at 7:30pm at
Old St. Patrick's Center (268 Mulberry Street, between Prince and Houston

And there will be an "Open Memorial Orchestra" for Peter at ABC No Rio on
SUNDAY OCTOBER 13 at 8:00pm ... all of those who attended the September 8
Orchestra that Peter conducted are encouraged to participate, as well as
those who missed the date ...
And continue honing the reductionist concept Peter spoke of ...
The funds raised will be passed along to his estate ...

More information about Peter Kowald is available at:


ABC No Rio
156 Rivington Street
New York, NY  10002
(212) 254-3697

ABC No Rio: http://www.abcnorio.org
InterActivist Network: http://www.interactivist.net
InterActivist INFO EXCHANGE: http://slash.interactivist.net
SUPPORT ABC No Rio: http://www.abcnorio.org/support/support.html

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