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    What's Wrong with XML  APIs (and How to Fix Them)

> On Mon, 09 Sep Walter Perry  wperry at xml-sig.org wrote:
Welcome to a new year of the XML SIG, as we begin our fifth (!)

The next meeting of the XML Special Interest Group will be
Tuesday, 17 eptember, 7-9 p.m., at Goldman Sachs Training Center,
125 Broad Street.
The speaker will be Elliotte Rusty Harold on the subject 
"What's Wrong with XML APIs (and How to Fix Them)". This is
Elliotte's third presentation to our SIG, and we could not 
hope for a better speaker, nor a more timely topic, to kick off 
our new season.

Elliotte Rusty Harold is an internationally respected writer,
programmer, and educator, both on the Internet and off. 
He is an adjunct professor of computer science at Polytechnic
University in Brooklyn where he lectures on Java and 
object oriented programming.
His Cafe au Lait web site at http://www.cafeaulait.org has 
become one of the most popular independent Java sites on the
Internet, and his spin-off site Cafe con Leche at
http://www.cafeconleche.org has become one of the most popular 
XML sites.  He is the author of numerous books, most recently:
"The XML Bible" from IDG and "XML in a Nutshell" from O'Reilly. 
He is currently working on "Processing XML with Java" for

Existing XML APIs range from too complex (DOM, SAX) to 
too simple (JDOM) or both (ElectricXML, dom4j). Is there a 
happy medium?  Can an API be both easy-to-use for developers 
who don't spend their weekends memorizing W3C recommendations 
while  being correct and powerful enough to satisfy the experts? 
How simple can an XML API possibly be?
How complex does it have to be?

Elliotte Rusty Harold has spent the last year exhaustively
documenting the existing APIs, and this convinced him that 
better APIs are desperately needed. On September 17, he's 
going to reveal XOM, his candidate for the next generation 
of XML APIs. He plans to prove by example that it is possible 
to design an XML API that is absolutely correct with respect 
to XML 1.0 (something that none of DOM, JDOM, ElectricXML, 
XMLPULL, or dom4j can claim) while being easy to learn
and use.

To reserve a place at this meeting, or to subscribe to our 
email list for announcement of future meetings, please send 
a request by email direct to me  mailto:wperry at xml-sig.org. 
(Please note new XML SIG address.)  You will receive a 
confirmation by return email.
Security requires that those attending this meeting be 
registered at least a day in advance so that their names are
available to check against attendance at the door. 
Please register before Monday 16 September to insure that
you will be admitted.

  Walter Perry
  XML SIG Leader
  wperry at xml-sig.org

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